Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Got a question? We’ve got you covered! Check out the resources below and be sure to let us know if we can answer anything else.

Due to misuse and abuse, we have discontinued the free trial option. However, our paid trials are still available. We highly recommend our premium package for a superior streaming experience with IPTV5K. Delight in a vast selection of channels and shows, backed by reliable servers and exceptional support. Sign up now for seamless streaming!

Our recommendation is to use high or middle class Android boxes such as Nvidia Shield TV, Xiaomi Mi Box S, Formuler or Amazon Fire Stick TV 4K.

This indicates that your internet provider is throttling or blocking your connection. Many internet service providers in the UK and US (and sometimes from other countries as well) enforce this restriction, with the only solution being to use a VPN.

The first thing to do is to restart your router and device, then try again. If you are using a router from your internet service provider, log in and make sure to disable the firewall.

If the issue persists, you need to test the internet speed directly from your device. Open the website directly from your streaming device. The result should be 20 Mbps or higher. If your device is not receiving the proper speed or if your internet provider is throttling your connection, you will experience buffering.

No, we do not renew subscriptions automatically. If you wish to continue using our service, simply order a package from our website. After the payment, we will renew your subscription, so you won’t need to set up anything again.

We recommend Surfshark, NordVPN, Hotspot Shield and Cyberghost.

As stated in our tutorial, VLC may load the full playlist very slowly and exhibit instability if you don’t select a bouquet or a country. In such cases, please contact us, and we will remove the VOD, allowing you to watch Live TV without encountering any issues.

We do provide adult content.

Yes, all our subscribers can access our EPG database at no extra cost. Many applications will automatically load our EPG if you follow our tutorials. However, if you’re using an application that requires manual addition of the EPG, please contact us, and we will provide you with the unique EPG link corresponding to your subscription.

Yes, we offer Catch-up with 2 days timeshift.

We offer SD, HD, and FHD channels. Please note that the quality of some channels may vary.

Yes, you can set up your subscription line on any device and in any location worldwide. All you need is a stable internet connection.

If your subscription includes one connection, you can use it on only one device at a time. Additionally, we offer subscriptions with two connections.

Our system will activate your order within 10 minutes. Your login credentials will be emailed to you. Depending on a few factors like your order number and time zone difference, you should comfortably receive your credentials within 24 hours. Weekends are especially busy for us.